Endodontic Care

Endodontic Care Available at Toledo Dental Arts

While minor toothaches may not seem like a major issue, they may be an indicator of underlying dental issued. In particular, tooth infections or tooth abscesses may cause discomfort yet be discounted as a minor issue. However, if these conditions are left untreated, patients may find themselves facing extensive bone grafting and extractions in order to correct these problems. At Toledo Dental Arts, Dr. Shabbir Hashim helps patients avoid these invasive procedures by treating endodontic pain with comprehensive root canal therapy. 

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy presents a conservative and highly successful solution to extensive damage caused by tooth infections. These infections are caused when bacteria gets into the inner pulp of a tooth via a crack, fracture, or as a result of decay. In the event bacteria spreads to the bone surrounding the tooth, it may cause dental erosion, creating an abscess below the tooth. While an abscess may be drained and treated with antibiotics, the infected inner pulp must be removed to prevent the infection of the root of the tooth via root canal therapy, 

What is the Root Canal Procedure?

The root canal procedure is straightforward, with patients often finding that the pain of the tooth infection is much worse than the discomfort of the procedure. 

After numbing the affected area, a small hole is created in the tooth, allowing the infected inner tissue to be removed. Once the inner cavity and root canals have been thoroughly disinfected, a thermoplastic material called gutta-percha is used to fill the canals. The refilled tooth is then sealed and is restored with a crown or filling based on the patient’s need. 

Root Canal Therapy at Toledo Dental Arts

At our Toledo dental office, we strive to provide patients with an exceptional dental experience. While root canal therapy is not particularly uncomfortable, Toledo Dental Arts offers a range of relaxation medications that can help patients feel at-ease during their procedure. 
Being able to enjoy full function of your smile is significantly important. To help his patients regain full dental ability, Dr. Hashim offers same-day crown restoration with CEREC® same-day crowns. Made of highly resilient porcelain, this one appointment crown is manufactured in our Toledo office and is designed to protect and reinforce the treated tooth. 

Endodontic Care in Toledo

Toledo Dental Arts is committed to exemplary dentistry that provides lasting oral health for all our patients. If you are exhibiting signs of an infected or abscessed tooth, contact our team immediately to develop a comprehensive treatment and restoration plan.