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It's the end of April, and we've been hard at work here at Toledo Dental Arts, upgrading our technology! This month, we received a new Cerec Unit, the latest in Cerec 3D Computer-Assisted Tooth Design. It came with a brand new milling machine, which can create a custom crown with microscopic precision in minutes! We've also done some other upgrades to our internal servers, and we are rolling out new technology every day. Computers are a big part of dentistry in today's world, and we here at Toledo Dental Arts take our technology seriously. We strive constantly to stay current with the latest and greatest tools, to provide our patients with only the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art treatment available anywhere. Smile design is a field of art and science, made possible by technology.



-Posted by Dorie Griffin, MCSE



February is National Children's Dental Health month, and we here at Toledo Dental Arts take children's dental health seriously. In an effort to keep kids in school and get the most out of their education, Our very own Dr. Hashim and many other dental professionals all over the State of Ohio participated in the "Give Kids a Smile" program February 7th. The program provided dental care to over 17,000 needy children statewide. This is the 10th year of Toledo Dental Society's "Give Kids a Smile" program, and this year Dr. Hashim was chairman of the event. The program was a great success, and we are proud to "Give Kids a Smile". 

# of Events1532

Est # of Kids:346897

Participating Dentists:9111

Other Volunteers:28379 


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-Posted By Dorie Griffin, MCSE 


1/17/2014 - The Effects of Smoking on your Mouth

 In no way, does smoking ever equate to "Oral Health". In fact, it is quintessentially the polar opposite! With contributions like Halitosis [unpleasant breath], teeth/denture staining, oral and lung cancer, hundreds of carcinogens... It's not a surprise to see inflammation of the palate from excessive temperatures generated by burning something in close proximity to the roof of the mouth. Periodontal Disease [gum disease] is not a matter of if for a smoker, but when. Also Periodontitis [loss of bone] is 3 times more likely to occur in a smoker than a non-smoker. Those are staggering numbers, especially when you consider that statistically, smokers lose more teeth than non-smokers, too. In fact, The majority of dental implant failures in the industry are as a result of smoking. As we mentioned before, smoking is directly linked to cancer, and over 9,000 deaths a year in the United States as a result of oral cancer, 75% of which are caused from some form of tobacco use.

Not a Smoker? You still could be in danger, especially if you live with a smoker (closer proximity to second hand smoke). It is also a risk factor if you have children, because if they breathe in second hand smoke (even in very small concentrations) it can adversely affect their growth and development in SO many different ways, even their oral health! Children exposed to second hand smoke can have problems producing their adult teeth, a process which usually begins between the ages of 3 and 6 years. Good News though! If you quit smoking NOW, 10 years from now your risk for cancer will be similar to that of a non-smoker. There are a number of ways to quit smoking, too- Nicotine Patch, Nicotine Gum, Spray, Nicotrol Inhalers, and even Electronic Cigarettes. You can start at 18 milligrams of Nicotine (approx. 1 pack a day worth) and wean yourself down to zero nicotine, and kick the habit completely, without ever suffering a withdrawal symptom. There are more great quit-smoking tips on the internet, too! And feel free to ask your Doctor, Dentist, or Healthcare Professional for additional suggestions.

 -Posted By Dorie Griffin, MCSE 



1/3/2014- Discover the Skills of Toledo Dental Arts


    Here at Toledo Dental Arts, we have a state-of-the-art facility, and our team is headed up by one of the most talented guys in the business, Doctor Shabbir Hashim. Aside from having an immeasurable skill-set, the latest technology, and a friendly staff, the Doctor has wisdom in many areas. We have made an effort to share some of this wisdom here on this website, and there's more to come! But if you feel like you need a little one-on-one time with the expert, please contact our office during business hours and make an appointment. Unlike most other Dentists, Dr. Hashim has a unique skill set that covers all of general dentistry and veers off right into oral surgery, bridges, implants, and specialist services that patients would usually have to visit another practice for if they were being seen by a regular dentist.

    Oral Health is just that, it's health- it's important. Mostly because, your mouth serves as a gateway to the rest of your body. The mouth provides the body with nourishment, but at the risk of exposing us internally. For example, bleeding gums can provide a direct route to the bloodstream, thus making us very vulnerable! We are well aware of the risk factors in food, and risky food exposed to bleeding gums is a recipe for disaster. So, the health of your gums, your teeth, even the bone in which your teeth are anchored is paramount to your overall healthiness. If you find yourself having symptoms, or even if you just have questions, please contact our office for a consultation with Doctor Hashim. It's not a good idea to wait!

-Posted By Dorie Griffin, MCSE