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Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants in Toledo, Ohio at the practice of Dr. Hashim

For over 15 years, Dr. Hashim of Toledo Dental Arts has been performing high-quality cosmetic dentistry to the communities of Lucas County. As a cosmetic dentist, he provides a wide array of cosmetic dentistry including veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, and hundreds of titanium dental implants, implant-retained dentures, implant-supported bridges, and dental implant supported crowns. Some cosmetic services may help assist you in achieving the smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Best Smile with Toledo Implant Dentist, Dr. Hashim

Dr. Hashim also believes that cosmetic dentistry helps build confidence as well as makes positive changes in a person’s life. From performing cosmetic procedures, Dr. Hashim finds it rewarding to help his patients feel better about their smile. The Goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give you a fabulous smile! This is done by analyzing every aspect of your smile, then correcting any problems   

At Toledo Dental Arts, we diagnose the problem with a complimentary consultation to analyze and seek the best solution possible. Next, Dr. Hashim allows patients to see before and after pictures, videos and models displaying the process and anatomy of the procedure. Based on your consultation, we will then be able to determine the right cosmetic procedure for you.

If you are looking to fix a tooth problem or correct stained teeth, look no further for Dr. Hashim does offer quick cosmetic procedures right before you take your prom pictures, graduation, or even before your big wedding day. Our services are solely to get rid of unsightly stains, reshape mouth with bonding, and reshape teeth with placements of lumineers porcelain veneers. Some of our cosmetic services may help create the bright beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact Toledo Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hashim. 

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