Limited Oral Evaluation

Oral Evaluation at Toledo Dental Arts

Let Us Address Your Immediate Needs

In despite regular oral care routine, regular dental cleanings, and exams, there are some instances where you may find yourself having to visit your dentist to address a specific dental complaint or problem. In these instances, your dentist will perform what is known as a limited oral evaluation.

As opposed to a comprehensive oral evaluation, which is recommended when visiting a new practice, or upon major change in your health history, a limited oral assessment is designed to address the immediate concern you are experiencing.

Such issues may include, periodontal gum issues, wisdom tooth eruption, traumatic injury, acute infection or other dental concerns.

During an examination, your dentist will perform a visual search, and possibly a more detailed examination using peri-apicals, bitewings and/or a 360° panoramic X-ray.  If your concerns are immediately not identifiable, other tests may be deemed necessary to determine your diagnosis.  Depending on the diagnosis, you may undergo treatment immediately following this evaluation, or be scheduled for a follow-up visit with the appropriate amount of time to complete the necessary care.