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Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

Smile Design is an innovative way to predictably reconstruct the natural tooth position as it relates to the facial contours and the dental function. 

Our goal is to maintain the function of the teeth so that the teeth do not receive excessive stresses and at the same time we want to maintain the cosmetics of the teeth and the face.  This is our path to a terrific smile.

Terrific smiles have several things in common:

  1. Straight teeth.
  2. Teeth are evenly spaced with no gaps.
  3. White teeth are white, without stains.
  4. The top teeth show when you smile, and only the tips of the gums.
  5. The gum-line is smooth.
  6. The edges of the top teeth smoothly follow the curve of the lower lip.
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