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Dental Restorations with CEREC - Toledo Restorative Dentistry

When it comes to restoration dentistry, Dr. Shabbir Hashim of Toledo Dental Arts offers patients a convenient way to complete their smile through CEREC restorations. Also known as the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, this method of restoration creation uses computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing to create highly durable porcelain crowns. Through this innovative approach to restorations, Dr. Hashim helps patients regain their oral health and function while improving the aesthetic quality of their smile. 


Traditionally, the process of receiving a customized crown can be lengthy, requiring a number of appointments before the final restoration is placed. With CEREC crowns, patients can come to our Toledo dental office for their restoration consultation, have their mouths scanned with the intraoral camera, and watch as their crown is designed to meet their exact specifications. As their tooth is prepared, their restoration is made using the in-house milling equipment. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the CEREC crown is placed and examined to ensure perfect fit. Patients are then free to return to their daily routine with a brand new smile. 
The convenience of same-appointment CEREC crowns makes it a popular choice for busy patients seeking immediate functional and cosmetic results

The Long-Term Benefits of CEREC Technology

Convenience is only one of many advantages associated with CEREC crowns. Other benefits of CEREC include:

Versatility: In addition to crowns, CEREC can be used to manufacture bridges, an excellent restoration alternative for patients requiring multi-tooth replacement. The software is also applicable to dental needs beyond restorations. For patients seeking orthodontic care, Dr. Hashim uses the CEREC technology to design the clear aligners for Invisalign®. With this technology, treatment plans are better tailored to the unique oral needs of each patient.

Compatibility: The crowns manufactured by CEREC can also be incorporated into other tooth restoration procedures. At our Toledo practice, CEREC crowns are frequently combined with dental implant procedures, providing patients with a sturdy, lasting total tooth replacement that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth. 

Comfort: The unique CEREC technology uses very precise measurements when designing the crown restoration. This careful attention to detail ensures minimal margins, ensuring the patient receives a comfortable restoration that protects the vulnerable dental tissue below the crown and minimizes the opportunity for bacteria to develop underneath the crown. 

CEREC Restorations in Toledo

At Toledo Dental Arts, our dental team is dedicated to helping patients regain full dental capacity. With CEREC technology, we are able to provide patients with access to lasting smiles, restored dental function, and improved overall oral health. For more information about the long-term benefits of CEREC restorations, contact Dr. Hashim and our Toledo dental team today. 


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