Gentle Oral Surgery in Toledo

At Toledo Dental Arts, our mission is to provide patients with access to treatments that improve their long-term oral health. In circumstances where extensive care is required, our Toledo dentist offers a wide variety of oral surgeries to help patients regain full function of their smiles.


Your Oral Surgery Options

There are a number of dental conditions where oral surgery is necessary for preserving your oral health. In some cases, oral surgery is used to reinforce the strength of the jaw, teeth, or gums. Our Toledo dentist, Dr. Shabbir Hashim, offers oral surgery to accurately address your dental problems without compromising the health and function of your smile. Some of the treatments offered at our dental office include:

Simple Extractions

While it is always best to keep your natural teeth as long as possible, in some scenarios removing a significantly damaged tooth is necessary to preserve the health of neighboring teeth. Following tooth extraction, Toledo Dental Arts offer several restorative treatments to replace the missing tooth and complete your smile.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

 Impactions typically occur when third molars begin to develop. As there is often not enough room in the arch to accommodate extra teeth, third molars may begin pushing against neighboring teeth, threatening bite alignment. Impactions can not only be painful, but can also make at-home oral hygiene more difficult, increasing the likelihood of dental decay and periodontal disease.


This procedure is prescribed when root canals have failed to effectively prevent the recurrence of tooth infection. During this outpatient procedure, Dr. Hashim removes the root tip, infected tissue, and restores the tooth with a crown to prevent further damage.

Bone Grafting

 Bone grafting is used to encourage healthy bone density, prevent tooth loss, and may be recommended following dental trauma, periodontal disease, or general bone deterioration. Bone grafting may also be integrated as the first step in a larger restorative treatment plan, ensuring a healthy environment for restorations like dental implants or implant-supported prostheses.

Implant Preparation Procedures

 To ensure successful dental implant placement, some patients may require certain oral surgeries as pre-treatments. Often, implant preparation procedures include improving quality of the jaw bone through bone grafting. In addition to bone grafting, patients may need ridge modification, during which the jawline is made level, or sinus augmentation, where the floor of the sinus cavity is lifted and bone is grafted into the empty space.

Implant Placement

 The longevity of dental implants is based on the successful placement of the implant posts into the jaw. During recovery from implant surgery, the post and bone fuse together, creating a stable base for the future restoration.

Oral Surgery at Toledo Dental Arts

To help create a comfortable environment for individuals who need oral surgery, our Toledo dental practice offers several sedation options. From oral conscious sedation to intravenously administered medication, patients can complete their surgical procedure in a state of relaxation, often with little to no memory of the procedure.

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Oral surgery helps patients improve the functionality of their smiles. For more information about the surgical procedures offered at our Toledo dental office, contact Dr. Hashim and his team today to schedule your consultation.


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