What is Teeth-in-an-Hour?

Teeth-in-an-Hour is a unique solution by Nobel Biocare that allows you to come into the office and within approximately one hour, have implants placed and walk away with your dentures the same day. In one appointment with Dr. Hashim, you can have an implanted fixed bridge.

Teeth in an Hour Toledo DentistTeeth-in-an-Hour?
How is this possible? Teeth in an Hour is made possible by Nobel Biocare and Dr. Hashim. Through a series of CT images and virtual planning, taking place prior to your procedure, Dr. Hashim will have a prosthetic (aka fixed bridge) and plan ready for your appointment.

Am I a candidate?
Teeth in an Hour is for people who need a denture and desire the comfort similar to natural teeth through the placement of implants. Dr. Hashim will evaluate you to see if qualify for this innovative procedure.

                          Are both the implants and denture actually placed the same day?
Yes, they are. In the past, the implants would be placed. Then 3-6 months later, the patient could be fitted for a denture. With Teeth-in-an-Hour, the implants are placed and immediately the denture is fitted. When you leave your appointment with Dr. Hashim, you will do so with your new smile / teeth in place. No need to wait 3-6 months any longer.

What about the recovery time?
Everyone’s recovery time varies.  However, this procedure is minimally invasive, leaving you minimum post-operative reactions.

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