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Dr. Hashim wants patients receiving dental care to be as comfortable as possible when receiving aesthetic dental care that improves the smile. Dental sedation can help patients relax during procedures, making time go by quickly and the procedure itself more comfortable. With varying kinds of sedation, Dr. Hashim can advise patients on what will help them best. Patients in a range of ages can benefit from sedation at Toledo Dental Arts.

Dental sedation options for easier procedures

Toledo Dental Arts offers three different kinds of sedation, each with their unique benefits. Before use in a procedure, however, we do a thorough examination of medical history and patient health to ensure sedation can be utilized safely. We use dental sedation for a few different reasons, but always on a case by case method. Some patients have extremely sensitive smiles and require dental sedation to receive oral care, others have had negative experiences at the dentist and have dental anxiety, or another set of patients have not had dental care for some time and need more extensive work. With each type of sedation, your Toledo dentist has total control over the mount and dosage given.

Nitrous Sedation

Commonly known as laughing gas, this option is administered via mask and inhaled. It instills a feeling of euphoria, relieving patients of anxiety and discomfort. Safe for a range of ages, from infants to adults, it’s effective at calming nerves and requires no downtime post-operation. Adults can return to their day after receiving nitrous sedation. 

Oral Sedation

Taken in pill form, oral sedation keeps patients conscious to follow dentist instructions, but still relieves anxiety and sensation. The intensity of the sedation will depend on the dosage given, but it is not administered in amounts enough to make patients unconscious. Often, there is no memory of the procedure after the dentist finishes, but patients should have transportation ready afterward. 

I.V. Sedation

Sedatives are given to patients through the veins, and kept at the right amount to induce relief in patients. Fast acting and useful for longer procedures, patients can safely be kept under for as long as necessary. The effects of this sedation linger, however, and patients will need transportation after receiving IV sedation. Similar to oral sedation, patients will not remember the whole procedure, but will be able to stay conscious. 

Which sedation option is right for me?

Patients may request sedation for procedures, and Dr. Hashim will recommend an option based on the patient and treatment. Our practice wants patients to have a comfortable and safe dental experience. 

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We want to provide transformative dental care to our patients, and maximize comfort in the process. If you are looking for dental procedures and are in need of sedation, we can provide for you. Call our dental office for more information today. 


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